Sunday, September 25, 2011

Can We Really Have It All?

This week has been busy. I mean B-U-S-Y. But it was fun. We were in Lincoln the last two weekends to celebrate the union of a marriage one weekend and a soon to be nephew in Michael's family yesterday. It's been a long week for all of us, but a great one.

When Michael and I got married almost 14 years ago, I had certain images in my head on what our lives would be like from then on out. When I got pregnant with David I also had certain images of what my life would be like with a family. My life is so different from the images that I had so long ago. If I had known that I would have a child with severe disabilities before I had him, I would have thought that my life was over. If I had known that we would sometimes struggle with money, life, and patience- again- I would have thought my life was over.

But it's not over. It's wonderful. No, we can't have it all. But we can take what we've been given and go with it. Learn new things. Meet new people. And love every minute of it.

And I hope that when Kyle wakes up Christmas morning and learns that Santa didn't bring him that parrot he asked me for this morning, that he will learn just what I have written. That you may not get what you asked for, but Santa (or God in our case), just might have given you something better. Maybe it was something that you really needed........