Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Living Life

Cold and flu season is among us now. This is always a terrifying time with a child who has a weakened immune system in our house. David got hit mid-October with a yucky respiratory thing that had him out of school for about a week. Luckily, he is doing much better now and we're hoping for the rest of the fall season to be a quiet one for him.

Unfortunately, Kyle was hit EXTREMELY hard with a flu virus that had him out of school for more than a week and landed him 3 trips to the ER and one overnight stay in the hospital. He was in so much pain that he was curled up in a ball screaming about how much it hurt. It was heartbreaking. I don't know what to do when this one is sick. At all. With David, I can almost predict what will happen next and I know how to comfort him when he is down and out. I had absolutely no ideas with Kyle. I felt terrible. Luckily, after 2 CT scans, 2 sets of x-rays, and plenty of bloodwork later, they determined that the flu bug pretty much just got stuck in his intestines and needed to find it's way out. He is feeling much better now. While he was in the hospital though, they were hearing an irregular heartbeat and had an EKG performed. It came back abnormal, so earlier this week, we took a trip to have an echocardiogram done on him. We don't have the results yet, but I am praying that everything is ok and it all stemmed from his illness. Cross your fingers for us.

After all the sickness we have had in October, I am ready for an ill-free holiday season. I am much closer to being done with my Christmas shopping than I was at this time last year. I will be heading to Indy this weekend with my mom and most of my sisters for our yearly Christmas shopping extravaganza, which always proves to be a good time! Michael, Kyle, and David are hanging out here for a boys' weekend in. I'm sure lots of Netflix will be watched. 

I've been thinking about how close we are to Thanksgiving already. I just want to say that I am extremely thankful for all the people in our lives. I love all of my family dearly and I have realized just what great friendships I have made in the past few years here in our little town. I really am blessed in life. Thank you for being a part of it :)