Friday, February 20, 2015

February 20th

I can't believe that you're turning 15.

I still think of you as my baby, but clearly, you're not. You're now a young man. One who doesn't know any of the world's problems, which is a blessing for you. I will continue to do your worrying for you.

I look at you and am mesmerized by what I see.

I always see love. Even when you haven't smiled for days. I know what's inside. A heart full of love. You love so much to be loved.

I see peace. While you may not always have control over your own body and it lacks peaceful movement, I know it's what you crave. When you finally rest that body of yours, the peacefulness that comes over you is blissful.

I see courage. Not many kids can go through what you have these past few months and be so courageous through it all. The job of caring for you has not gotten easier. But you've made me stronger and smarter when it comes to your care. I thank you for that. You are my hero.

Most of all, I see hope. Hope that every person you've ever given a glimpse of yourself to takes a little bit of you with them. Like me. I carry your love, peace, and courage in my heart everywhere I go. Your smile lives inside of me, so I always have it near me-even on the very bad days. I only hope all of the people you have touched will carry some of your character and heart with them like I do.

Happy Birthday, David Webb. I love you so much.