Monday, June 23, 2014


Summer is in full swing around here. It's finally hot out. And I won't complain after the winter of hibernation here in central IL.

Both of the boys have settled into their summer routines. It took David a little longer establish a new summer schedule, but Kyle jumped right into trying to sleep until 10 am. I don't always let him, but he tries to each morning. I think it took me the longest to get into "summer mommy mode". But after almost leaving for work once without David, and not having lunch food for Kyle twice, I think I've finally got it down.

Of course keeping them busy during summer sometimes proves to be challenging. They come to work with me the days Michael is at work. Kyle normally brings along a book and at least one electronic device. David is either super cranky at the office with me, scooting all over the office floor, or like today-fast asleep. Because Mommy's work is boring. They normally last about 3-4 hours and do pretty well.

At home, I have figured out to keeping them happy equals giving them my time. David is usually pretty self-sufficient while playing in his room. He has his baskets of toys that he dumps out multiple times a day and I pick up multiple times a day. But self-sufficient and happy are different for him. I noticed when I'm in his room for him, smiles take over his face, and he truly loves just having some company in there with him. I'm so lucky he's so easy to please.

Then there's Kyle......LOL. Keeping him busy and happy during the day is proving to be much more difficult. He needs to be busy ALL of the time. I cannot give him my time 24 hours a day. I have laundry, dishes, and work. I know that he is 8, and should be figuring out how to fill his time-which he can do most of the time. But it is not always a choice that I think he needs to be doing. Television and video games should only make up a small part of the summer days. He needs help with figuring out other things. To him, my time not only equates to one on one time with him. Sometimes giving him my time really means planning or helping him choose activities to do on his own. Because as much as I want to give my all to him, I have his brother to tend to, a dog to tend to, a house to tend to, and work to tend to.  Sometimes I feel guilty because I know he doesn't have a typical sibling to play with or fight with (second part is totally ok with me!) So planning a play date or an activity for him helps him fill his time.

Time is one of the greatest gifts we've been given. Choose to what you do with your off-time wisely. It's what our kids are going to remember most.