Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lightening In a Bottle

It seems like I've been around an awful lot of babies lately. And some really cute ones at that. In particular, Averie and Garrett, my niece and nephew. Today I went to the hospital to meet my friend's newborn, Kyle. He was so little. I don't remember my kids being that small! And so cute. He slept when I held him and even had little smiles. I'm sure he's going to be a super cool kid since he has such a super cool name. (I'm just slightly biased.)
My Kyle has become a little (OK. A lot) needy lately. As soon as he walks in the door from school, he wants me to play hot wheels or tractors with him. As soon as Michael walks in the door, he wants to play swords with his dad (Thankfully he saves the potentially dangerous toys for Michael). The other night Michael was sitting on the couch and it had been quiet for a while. You would think that would make us wonder what he was up to. After about 20 minutes, Kyle appears at the side of the couch and says to Michael "Dad, I was hiding so good, you couldn't even find me! Did you forget to look in David's room??" Um. Oops. Michael forgot they were playing hide and seek. But we just let Kyle think he was a great hider. Even though his spots are pretty predictable. Michael and I have joked about renting another 5 year old boy for a while just to keep Kyle busy.
We made the decision many years ago that our family was complete. I mean, even if I wanted to have another baby, it's not like Kyle and he/she would be close enough in age to be interested in the same things.
I have loved snuggling with the little ones that I've been around lately.  They are so little and cute. But I definitely love knowing that we are complete.
They say you can't catch lightening in a bottle. But I think I have. My family is my lightening. And I was lucky enough to have it happen on separate occasions. So love the ones you have. And catch however much lightening is perfect for you :)