Saturday, January 14, 2012

Back To The Norm......I Hope

We had an extremely eventful Christmas and New Years. David was admitted to the hospital 3 days before Christmas for an overnight stay. He'd been sick all week with flu-like symptoms and a high fever. After taking care of an underlying problem, they sent us home swearing up and down that he had something viral. We came home LATE on the 23rd and he still had a 102.5 fever. I don't think David has ever had a temp. that high. I was still nervous. Imagine my relief that they called late Christmas Eve morning and said his urine came back with bacteria in it. Hence the fever. Antibiotics followed and within 2 days he was much better. It still took the next 10 days to get him back up to his regular intake of pediasure (5 cans per day). It was a sloooooow process.
Kyle and David went back to school on January 4th. I miss having them home to an extent, but I also am enjoying it. I love them that much more when I see them at the end of the school day. It's nice to be back into a routine. While I did enjoy sleeping in until 7 or 7:30, I think we all function better on a schedule and that includes my 5:50 wake up time to get David up and ready for school. David thrives on a schedule, so he is actually adjusting to that better than Kyle. Totally different story with waking up early. I'm lucky if I can have him up by 7:30 on a school day. Then it's rush rush rush to get to school in time. It takes him a good 20 minutes to get dressed. I'm not even sure why. He's not really doing anything that would slow him down. I think he might just "check out" for a little while. Then when the weekends hit, he's up at the crack of dawn. I guess that's like a lot of kids.
I have discovered a new love of reading food blogs. I have always loved to cook, but have been burned out on the same old things all the time. So I've been experimenting. Most have been good to great, some not so good or great. I don't think anything has been bad yet. I'm sure that I'll find something that will be. I have a whole list from one site that I want to try. I think the hardest thing that I have on my list this week is homemade wheat pita bread, so cross your fingers it's good so we can have our chicken gyros on them! There are so many different desserts that I want to try. BUT I do not want those to stay in my house.  I would probably get as big as my house. I don't want the working out I've been doing to be a TOTAL waste. I WISH ALL THOSE SWEETS DIDN'T LOOK SO GOOD THOUGH!  I want to try them so badly, I just offered to make a dessert for a get together my mom is having soon. This from the girl who doesn't even love to bake that much.
All in all, I am ready to get on with 2012.  Another year of getting older. Another year of learning new things. Another year to meet knew people. Hopefully that will be what 2012 is all about :)

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