Monday, February 20, 2012


Last night I went with my mom to see the movie 'The Vow'. I really enjoyed it. It kept hitting on one thing. That everyone's lives are made up of points of impact and how those moments make a person who they are.
I've had many points of impact in my life. Getting married, moving to another state with my military husband, moving to another country. But my bigggest moment of impact so far has definitely been becoming a mother.

Twelve years ago today, David Webb gave me that opportunity. And it's changed me forever. He doesn't know what a birthday is or that he's twelve years old today. But we celebrate him regardless. He may not be able to tell me he loves me like Kyle can, but one smile from that boy fills my heart with it. And while we sometimes go through weeks of bad days until we have a good one, I would do it again and again just to be able to have the good day again.

This isn't as big of a birthday for me as when he turned ten. Certainly not as big as next year when he will be thirteen (gasp!). But knowing that he has blessed us for twelve wonderful years is definitely what today is all about. 

So Happy 12th Birthday, David Webb. We all love you!

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