Friday, August 24, 2012

First Grade & David's Grade

School's back in session! I'm excited. For both of the boys.

Kyle started first grade on Tuesday this week. He was excited beyond belief to find out that he had the new first grade teacher this year. He had her for Title I reading for the last half of the school year last year and really enjoyed her. I don't believe that she's ever had her own classroom until now. I think she will be a great fit for Kyle with hopefully some fun and fresh first grade ideas. So far, he has not had to remove a color for talking and seems to be (hopefully) getting his work done at school. Those were both big struggles last year in kindergarten. He is VERY slow paced while working &, from what I've heard from others at the school, VERY social. So if he can overcome those two things, we should have a great school year!

David's first day was Wednesday this week. As soon as he was on the bus lift, he broke out in a big cheesy grin! He loves the interaction at school. He would technically be entering 7th grade this year. I registered him as a 6th grader, and let's just be honest. He's just in his own grade. David is in a class all his own. I heard that they got two new students in his class, bringing the total up to four. It should be a good time for him. He has the same teacher and the same aide and should enjoy the action of having some fresh faces and different behaviors/personalities around him. I was, and still am a little, nervous about transportation. He has a new driver (who is very kind) and a new transportation director this year and there seemed to be a little mis-communication between everyone. For those that don't know, David is bused to a different school district each day by our school district. We've been doing this now since David was 6, and have been very happy with where he is, but it is a lot of coordinating. I don't think I could do it! We're still working on everything, but I know that we will get it all figured out in the long run!

I am not used to both of them being gone during the day yet. It's always a big adjustment for me. They were my work buddies all summer long, and I do miss them. But, don't worry, I will get used to it quickly! Just not having to carry David all the way up the steps to the office at my parents is a big help. Or arguing with Kyle about doing some workbook pages while we're at work. Michael and I grocery shopped yesterday without them, and it was FAST!

We're still trying to get the most out of what's left of summer. We had a little bit of a cooler spell and the temperature of the pool water dropped down into the 70's. Too chilly for me, but now that the air temperature is warming back up, Kyle and Michael have been in a couple of times. In fact, Michael's out there right now. It won't be long before we have to take it down for the season, so we want to make the most of it.

Kyle has his first soccer game tomorrow morning. He is super excited for it. He's not the best soccer player, but he does seem to like playing and is learning more and more about the game. He is much improved over last year.

Soon, Fall will be here. I am looking forward to the leaves changing, the fall candles to come out, and my Halloween decorations to make their way out of the basement. School activities and soccer will pretty much keep us busy all the way through September.

We will miss summer, but are looking forward to a wonderful fall!

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