Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall Beginnings

It's that time of year again. We love the smell of our fall candles burning, apple desserts, and crisp temperatures. I do love fall. October is usually a beautiful month filled with fall colors.

Fall brings many changes. It's time to get out out warmer cloths.
 Like my Uggs. Gosh, how I've missed them.
Or those 7/8 sweatpants that I've been waiting for David to grow into (but still hasn't).

It's time for more indoor play.
And unorganized (you could also call this "mass chaos")

Yet it is still nice enough to be outside for a while. To be able to have a small leaf pile to jump into.

And we still know that we will be able to have a much larger one in the weeks to come. Yay for Kyle, not so much for Michael and I. This tree is MASSIVE!
These two are able to be outside more often. Which equals heaven for Webster. And annoyance for Max.
And we don't have to worry about them having a heat stroke like we do in the hot summer months.
Of course this time of year is one of Kyle's FAVORITE times of year.

Harvest Time!

There are so many more fall things to come for us. Monday we are going to head to the apple orchard and next weekend will be pumpkin patch time for us. Followed by Halloween and Thanksgiving festivities. 
We're going to try to squeeze everything in before those winter months hit! Happy Fall to all!

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