Monday, October 7, 2013

(Un) Parallel World

Do you ever feel like you're living in the same world as everyone else, yet it seems like you're on a different path?  That's how I feel sometimes.

Don't get me wrong. I'm happy with who we are and the path that we're on. But there are some days that I just want someone to say "I get it."  And actually get it.

I have great friends and great family. But sometimes I feel like I'm in this dream world while they're out there living in reality. I watch as they are out and about with their families enjoying the fall season (or whatever season we're in) and I am sometimes wishing that I can be in that reality too. Without having to worry about wheelchair accessibility. Or tube feedings. Or spitting/throwing up. Or where to change a 13 year old's diaper.

I guess I'm a little bit envious. Jealous. Whatever you want to call it. I am. I think it's perfectly natural to feel that way.


I am also thankful.  In actuality, my dream world is OUR reality. And I love our life. The wheelchair. The tube feeds. The throwing up-not so much. The diapers.....sometimes. I have a glimpse of a different world that not too many get to see. I have met many families with many more obstacles to overcome. They are the ones who have walked in my shoes and truly "get it".  Social media can sometimes be my enemy, but through it I have been introduced to so many families with similar struggles and have come to care for so many kids (and their moms)  that I don't even personally know.  I WILL overcome the obstacles we have in order to provide my family a wonderful life. Because in the end that's what really matters. Them.

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