Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Disappearing Summer

I can't believe that it's that time of summer already.

School registration has been completed for Kyle. The 3rd grader. Tear. I'm hoping for an awesome school year for him. It will be his last year at his elementary school before he heads to BRIJHS in Mansfield next year.  With a new-ish diagnosis of ADHD (the predominately inattentive kind), I'm a little nervous for him to enter a new school year with a new teacher. But fingers crossed and a positive attitude for both of us should carry us a long way. I am going to work really hard with him this year to be confident in what he's doing, so he can succeed. He is so excited to start school. School supplies have been bought and he seems to have gone with a red & black theme for folders, ruler, & headphones. He was a very enthusiastic school supply shopper this year!

While I was able to utilize online registration for Kyle (best thing EVER), I still have to register David in person since he goes to school out of district. I do that next week. In our district and also the district he attends in the town over from us.  He will be returning to the same class he's had for the past 5 years. Still at the Jr High level. The absolute right place for him.

But.......It's hard.  I was crying the other night thinking about it.  He should be a freshman in high school this year. Starting driver's ed. Thinking about homecoming. But he's not.  I've watched several of my friends talk about registering their freshman kiddos this year.  And it's so exciting for them.  I am truly excited for them. Especially to watch the girl that has watched Kyle for me a little the past two summers start high school. She is a month younger than David. And a great girl.

While I'm super excited for all of my friends' kids, I will always grieve the child that I dreamed of when I got pregnant with David. These big milestones, such as starting high school, always hit me hard. And even though David will start high school next year (I am TERRIFIED!), it won't be on the same level as your normal freshman year.

And while I may not have gotten the David from my dreams, I got this:

And this:

And this:

And I realize he is my dream. I just didn't know it. And he is exactly where he needs to be. And exactly who he needs to be. My real life hero.


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  2. Love this! He is the perfect "lift your spirits" kid, and I really needed that today. I'm grateful for you.