Monday, July 2, 2018

Two Rooms

Thursday night I got hit by some gross, disgusting, terribly inconveniencing stomach bug. We've all had them. No fun. No one needs the details. Just know that if I don't have Demi Lovato's perky little body after all is said and done, I'm gonna be a mighty mad momma.

Around this house, when David gets sick, we flock to him. If anyone else gets sick.....we quarantine ourselves. Because to you or I, it's a little bug. To David it could literally mean life or death. Tell me I'm dramatic or being overly helicopter-mommish, and I'll shut you right up. You haven't watched your child almost die in front of your own eyes for something that can't even be explained to you. So don't talk to me. LOL

So that night......I went to my bedroom and left dad in charge. And if you're a mom, you already know that when mom is sick, the house falls apart. Michael did keep the children alive this weekend...….and held onto that playstation remote. Had some great bonding time with Kyle over a game of Ark though. But I regress. All that should be for another post. Anywho-I had to leave David at their mercy. Without his mommy. For 3 FULL days.

Have you ever given 100% care to someone and then had it taken from you suddenly? Yet you know he's so close and you can't get to him? My heart was in that other room. Two rooms away. I missed his smell. I missed his smile. I missed his diapers, I missed his meds, I missed his feeds, I missed his FEET (I know, I know. You all know my feelings on feet.) I missed everything. Did he wonder where I was? Did he think I was gone for good or I'd be back?

Kyle knew where I was. He occasionally poke his head in the door and asked how I was doing or to tell me some weird random fact. He made his own food. I'm sure it was no good.....but if he was hungry, I'm sure that he ate. I missed him too. But it wasn't the same as missing my third arm. That is completely how David and I are bonded.

Things can get scary around here. I'm still not totally recovered from whatever monster kind of stomach situation I have going on. Today Michael went back to work and I had to take David with me to work. I can try to avoid him all I want. But when you care so closely for someone, it means handling their medications, diapering, feeding, changing clothes, carrying, etc. Just try to pick up a 72 pound child and NOT breathe on them. So pray for us. Pray this passes a little more quickly. Pray David doesn't catch it. Pray the rest of the household doesn't catch it.

But if I can ask you one more thing to pray for...….I have many many momma friends who have their babies in heaven. And if I missed David only 2 rooms away, just imagine missing your baby from another world. Half my heart was 2 rooms away. Half their hearts are a lifetime away. Pray for them.

"Just Always Be Waiting For Me."
J.M. Barrie
Peter Pan

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