Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Years of Progress

Today we had the blessing of getting together with a family that I have been communicating with through Facebook. They have a daughter who just turned one that has joined the "diagnosis train". We were on this train for so many years before we took a break.
When I met their little girl, it brought back so many memories of when David was that small. It's amazing how many of the same mannerisms and characteristics they share from when David was around the same age. While there are also differences in some of their symptoms, it still took me back to a place that somehow got buried in my memory.
At one, David weighed only about 15 pounds and had no trunk or head control. He absolutely could not sit up yet. He had no means of "transportation" for himself. But he was happy and loving all the same. After seeing their little girl today I realized how much progress David has actually made over the years. He is now 11 and 55 pounds. He has head and trunk control when he wants to (he's a stubborn little thing), he sits up when he wants to and he can get out of a sitting position, and he definitely moves freely about the house by means of scooting on his back. This is A LOT of stuff for a kid that does not have good control over his body. I am so proud of him when I think back to all the things he has accomplished over the years.
I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with a family that is going through some of the processes that we went through. No matter how close to a situation you are, if you haven't lived it, it's hard to picture. This family sees some of the same pictures we have. I appreciate them sharing their family with us. It made me happy to remember where David started and where he is now. I hope seeing David helped them envision that life with special needs is so special and rewarding and that progress is possible in the smallest increments for their child.

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