Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Little Sumo Wrestler

David was pretty sick yesterday and this morning. It's just an upper respiratory thing, but when David gets sick with something like that, it's terrible. He can't breathe well, and the coughing is horrendous. I took him to the doctor yesterday morning and she prescribed three new medicines and doubled another one of them. Last night was extremely hard for him. He was up all night battling what was going on in his chest. I couldn't keep anything in him. When he got up this morning, he was sounding pretty rough, but after getting his medicines down him, he was like a new kid in a few short hours. Still congested, but nothing like it was. Thank goodness!

I'm pretty sure we were paying for the past six months. That is how long it's been since we've had to take David into the doctor for an illness. SIX MONTHS!!! That's like a new record for us. I really should be thankful for such a healthy six months. When the doctor came in to see him, she could not believe how much he had grown. He is up to 57 pounds now. Three years ago, David barely weighed 30 pounds at 8 years old and now he's up to 57. It's amazing what can happen when you find out your child has a thyroid problem!

I think Michael and I have known that David weighed a little more. But now that it's actually been confirmed that he weighs that much, I think I'm noticing it even more. Now that I know, it feels like I'm picking up a ton of bricks. I'm sure he's no heavier than he was yesterday when I was picking him up. In fact I know he isn't after not eating and not keeping much down last night. But that knowledge is now in the back of my head and is playing mental games with me.

As long as he remains my little cuddly and lovable guy, he's allowed to gain as much as he wants. I know that Kyle has almost outgrown that stage already and he's only 5. But David better always remain my snuggle bug.

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