Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sweet Summertime

I can't believe that we're already into July. Half of our summer has gone by so quickly. School will be starting next month. I will miss having the kids around at first, then ease back into the world of working without them with me (which is always like taking a breath of fresh air).

We made it through our annual SC vacation, including the drive there (David got carsick) and the drive home (Kyle got carsick). The trip, as usual, was a fun one. Michael wasn't feeling the best, so we've probably had better, but it was still fun anyway.

When we got home, David developed Michael's cold symptoms and had two visits to the doctor in a matter of four days. We're going on about 10-12 days of him not feeling well now. Lots of coughing, sneezing, and snot. Before we went on vacation we bought a pool for the backyard. I was so excited to put David in it, but  he hasn't been well enough yet. I'm sad that we haven't been able to enjoy it yet as a whole family. I am determined to get David well so we can reach that goal! Kyle, on the other hand, has been enjoying the pool immensely. He has turned into quite the little fish at our house.

We made it through the horrendous heatwave that washed over the midwest. We made it through by barely taking David out of the house. He hates it. He takes a medication that doesn't allow him to sweat, so he has a horrible time controlling his body temperature. Today was the first day in over a week that I feel like I can actually breathe outside. And it rained some today! Hooray! I thought it would make it super muggy outside, but so far so good.

I am looking forward to being able to ENJOY my evening walks with friends this week for some exercise instead of being MISERABLE during them.  Our walks last week were great for the conversation, but I don't think we looked pretty afterwards! Those walks, or going to workout, are some of the things I actually look forward to each week. It's one of the few things that I get to do for myself. I am so glad that I have good friends who give me that opportunity. They always listen to my down moments, up moments, and all in between. I sincerely appreciate all of them. The friendships that I have made since moving here are priceless to me.

The rest of the summer is still to be determined. Our number one goal is to get David WELL! After that I think we are just going to enjoy. The pool, our friends, grilling, taking walks, and of course, my new found love for those little frozen Daily's drinks. Here's to the rest of the summer!

We haven't had many smiles from our snotty boy the past two weeks, but here is one he gave us earlier today. I think he figured out that the heat wave has broken!

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