Sunday, March 9, 2014


Kyle & I were having this in depth discussion about hands this morning. Different shapes, sizes, finger/palm prints, capabilities. He was curious about hands today! So we took some pictures.

These are Kyle's very capable 7 (almost 8) year old hands. In the spring & summer he will have scratches from playing with sticks and dirty fingernails from digging in the dirt.  He uses them to write, play video games, brush his teeth, and so much more. As he grows, he will find more & more uses for these adorable hands. Amazing that these hands help define who he is.


Here are David's hands. 14 years old now. Not quite as capable as his brother's in the same categories. In fact, he will never write, never play video games, and never brush his own teeth. But they are still capable. David uses his hands to bring himself comfort. He has always been a thumb sucker. Those callused little thumbs show that. He can use those hands to bring things to his mouth to chew on. Or he just flat out chews on his fingers if there is nothing else to put in his mouth available. These hands also define David in a huge way. Those crooked pinkies are adorable! And thank goodness for great veins in these hands! It makes for easier needle sticking & poking for blood draws much easier. There are no denying who these hands belong to.

Kyle thinks it's so cool that their hands can be used so differently, yet still be capable of their own particular needs. Never thought to use our hands as a teaching moment, but it presented itself, so we went with it & learned a lot!

Love this song!

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