Sunday, May 3, 2015

Almost 9....Going on 21

Normally I don't do birthday posts more than a day or two before said birthday. But Kyle's birthday falls on a crazy-busy week at work for me, Michael is working pretty much non-stop, and David is just suffering from outrageous pollen allergies. And Kyle just left for birthday party number two for today, so I thought I'd just do it now, even though his birthday isn't until May 9th.

What can I say about this year for Kyle? Third grade has been awesome for him. While he still struggles with ADD, his grades don't show it. He has a teacher that he loves, and is working hard to please him. He moves to a different school next year, and I'm hoping for great things for him over there as well.

His personality is still the same. Strong-willed, yet sweet. Wild & crazy, yet he can sit & read a book without moving forever. Shy, yet outgoing. Kyle marches to the beat of his own drum. Always has & always will. I love that about him! (Most days anyway!)

He's still an awesome brother. When we're at the house I see him come out of his room and he always gives David a pat on the head. And David loves any attention Kyle throws his way. We had a rough April with David & the other day I mentioned to Kyle that David was smiling. Kyle went running into the room just to see because it had been so long since we had even a glimpse of a smile. There are days that we're out of the house & Kyle doesn't pay much attention to David, but I just take those moments as "typical" sibling moments. We have so few of those types of moments, yet everything in this house is so "typical" to Kyle. He has no idea how different it really is around here!

Kyle will always be a lover of anything outdoors. While I struggle at this time of year with David's allergies, which are severe, I love that Kyle can be outside more. He still digs in the dirt, runs around outside with friends, jumps on the trampoline, chases Chase around, shoots his bow, and rides his bike, scooter, and skateboard. I'm so thankful that he loves it outside so much!

Of course, I can't forget the love he has for Chase. All animals, to be honest. I told him he should be a veterinarian when he gets older!
And his random list of "loves" include, but not limited to, olives (black ones to be specific), tomatoes, popsicles, bad knock-knock jokes, Minecraft,  bike stunts, tree climbing, and being right. All the time. 
He's just a great kid. He has his moments when I want to pull my hair out, but what kid doesn't? He gave me such a great gift by just being him and letting me experience normal parenting moments.
As much as he hates it, he will always be my baby and will always be his dad's tater-tot. Love him so so much.



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