Sunday, August 23, 2015


Family, friends, and acquaintances on my social media might sometimes wonder why I post so many pictures. They might be annoyed by it. They might unfollow me or unfriend me even. And that's all perfectly ok.

Here is my response to those that might not understand. I am capturing memories of my kids. Both of them. Alone & together. Moments we will never get back.

 Sometimes there might be a period that I post more of David. He & I are constantly together. On the weekends Michael is working, we don't venture out a ton. It's getting more & more difficult to go out by myself. So we hang out at home. And since he's the one that requires 100% care, he is often the one that I take more pictures of.


Occasionally though, you will see more of Kyle pop up. He's not a huge fan of having his picture taken. And he's sometimes incapable of being natural in front of a camera. But lately David hasn't been as happy. While I capture some of those hard days, they're not usually something I share on Facebook. It's a reality in my house that there will be those days, but I would rather share the joy that David can radiate. Often, when David is having a tough time, I find comfort in snapping happier pictures of Kyle. And yes. A lot of times I force him to come out of his cocoon of his bedroom solely for a photo-op. He hates it. But I love him.


The together pictures are even more rare than the ones of Kyle alone. But when we have those moments-the ones they're both wrapped up in-I have the strongest urge to capture every one of them.


I take more pictures now than I did 2 years ago. A lot of that reason is because of doctor's predictions on David's life expectancy. If he lives as long as the doctors say, I know I will appreciate my memories in my pictures. If he lives a lot longer than what they tell us, I will only have that many more memories to capture. 

Love it or hate it. These pictures are part of my heart. And I love to share part of my heart.


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