Monday, February 27, 2017

Me & David

      My first ever memory of David was before he had his G-Tube. My memory was my mom feeding him through his mouth! I was around two then, so David was around eight! Eight years ago, almost nine, he didn't have his G-Tube!

      I really love to play with him a lot, which I actually used to not like to play with him! Crazy, right! I don't everyday, but I do a lot. He loves to play with hats, I mean he has loads of hats! I like to play with him with his hats! He also likes mirrors and baby toys and I play with those with him as well! My favorite toy of his is his stuffed superheroes!

  This is the reason I love to run-because  David can't-but I run for him because I want to do what he can't for him. We ran a 5k together, I pushed him while I ran with a friend. He loved it and I loved pushing him and my time was only 30 minutes! My best time is 24 minutes and 33 seconds! I would push him again, but only once a year so I can keep trying to get better times for myself. That way I can practice to get better times with him.

        He is a lot of fun when you know him pretty well, but even if you don't know him, he's still pretty fun. This is because he will pretty much play with anyone if he's in a good mood. But, if he's in a bad mood he won't really want to play with anyone. When he's in a bad mood, he cries a lot or he is mad. He also fusses a lot. When he's in a bad mood he doesn't really make eye contact as much as he usually does.

         Is it hard to have a special need child? The answer is..... YES!!!! The reason is because you don't really know what to expect next and that you don't know what he wants to do and its really hard to do stuff with him because we sometimes have to leave because he's fussy.  He gets mad all the time ( not literally) and we don't know why and that's also why we have to leave places, but yeah.
Sometimes when he's sick, it's scary. Very scary. He scared me a lot when he got so sick in January. I didn't know what was happening to him and I had to stay a friend's house and I wasn't comfortable because I was nervous and not used to sleeping there.


                 We all love David in this family just like we love everyone else in this family, we love just the same. We want to make his life meaningful and full of joy, fun, laughter, happiness, and love. 


  1. Kyle, I love seeing the pictures of you & David! You are an awesome lil brother!

  2. KYLE
    It shows in everything you do and write how much you love your brother. I love all the pictures and stories you share. Keep on being the awesome brother you are and keep your pictures and stories coming!
    Karen Garland

  3. Kyle, what an awesome post and an awesome brother you are! I was pretty worried about David when he was sick too. That was super scary. The thing about David is that we almost always know what he's feeling. He doesn't have any secrets from us. He's happy/sad/mad/full of craziness but he never is mean on purpose or harbors grudges. I get so much from David and I have a feeling you're lots like that too. Those Watkins' boys from Farmer City!

  4. Dear Kyle, You are an amazing person. David is very lucky to have you as his brother and friend. I love all the pictures here and you story is beautiful. You are one special individual <3

    Cousin Sona

  5. Kyle, you are an amazing big brother and a true inspiration to others:)

    Katrina Jacques

  6. Kyle, I know I told you at school that I live your blog post, but I want to tell you again! You are such a caring person & you are such a good brother to David! Don't change.