Monday, May 8, 2017

Eleven and Crazy

May 9, 2006

He came early. Yet he was stubborn enough to force me to have a C-section that day.

He was a cranky baby. But he lit up my world.

He was a serious toddler. But could laugh like no one was watching. 

May 9, 2017

He doesn't wake up well on school mornings. But on weekends, he gets up to capture every moment of his days off.

He can be SO cranky and pre-teenish.  Sometimes he makes my head spin. But he also loves hard.

He is still a serious kid. But when he laughs, he laughs hard.

So many people only see the side of Kyle that is serious and shy. Who would prefer to let the world look right past him. He has a hard time expressing himself and doesn't want to be in a situation that might cause unwanted attention.

But he is so much more than that. He is silly, and crazy, and fun. He gets angry fast, and frustrated just as quickly. He tackles running. Even when he's not the fastest. He often comes in 4th place in his age group--technically not being recognized for that. But he keeps running. He has dreams and ambitions. Some I'm sure will change. While a lot will come to fruition if he can figure out how to catch them.

Snapchat is our "thing" to do. When you have a pre-teen, you take the opportunity to seize those moments. Snapchat Kyle shows how funny, crazy, and silly he really is. The side of him he hides at school and other places we go. The side of him that's slowly emerging, but it takes a lot of coaxing to get out of him.  I wanted to share this part of him with you. The part that he hides a lot 😊 

He doesn't always stop to smell the roses. But he stops to smell the unicorn farts :)

His love for animals is unmatched. He can definitely become one with them.

He loves characters. He is quite the character himself. Harry Potter being his current favorite, but Scooby has always been a fave and he loves Groot!

He's got mad respect for the elderly.

He might not be the "coolest" kid in school. But he's the coolest 11 year old to me.

But not cool enough to skip snapchat time with his mom or brother.

 I have no words for this one. LOL



I guess what I want him to continue to do is be him. Serious, silly, crazy, mad, frustrated, smart, inquisitive, inspiring, happy, bossy, stubborn, lovable him.

He is such an intricate part of us. Having him was like playing roulette. He challenges me. Every. Single. Day. In good ways and bad way.

Keep chasing those dreams, Kyle. Happy 11th Birthday.

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  1. Thanks for approving this message so we could see this part of you, Kyle. The pictures made me lol for reals. 😃🙃